Sectional Vs Roller Doors

Sectional Garage Doors compared To Roller Doors

Headroom is perhaps the biggest Deciding Factor.

Headroom is the Distance from the Ground to the lowest point of the Door in the open position.

Sectional Doors open along the ceiling providing headroom loss of 300mm down to 160mm (only Desmond Brown Sectional Doors can provide 160mm headroom Loss)

Roller Doors as the name suggests roll up in a round Roll Headroom loss is Minimum loss of 400mm for Double door the loss is more like 500mm because bigger roll Diameter

So in a normal Standard height Garage of approximately 2200mm The comparison of garage Door headroom clearance is as follows

A double Car width Roller Door would have 1700mm of Clearance, a single car width would be 1800mm Headroom.

Sectional Doors are Different from Brand to Brand in headroom Loss, B&D Garage Doors are about 300mm Headroom loss Leaving 1900mm Clearance, Steel-line Garage Doors is approximately 260mm Headroom loss Leaving 1940mm Clearance, Centurion Garage Doors Are 200mm leaving Headroom of 2000mm Clearance, Desmond Brown Sectional Doors provide 200mm headroom Loss with the option of 160mm giving clearance of 2000mm or 2040mm.

Headroom loss is Highly dependant on Your Requirements, the 40mm Extra Desmond Brown Garage doors offers means the Difference of fitting a Modified 4WD in your Garage or not. Comparison of Sectional Doors versus Roller Door is one thing, however even among the different Brand of Doors there is variations of headroom loss