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B&D CAD replacement Motor Spearwood Perth

B&D Control A Door replacement Roller Door Motor Spearwood Perth. This Old Girl had enongh, we were here last week Replacing the Roller Door Felt, and I said to the owner I didn't think it sounded good. It sounded like the Roller Door Motor was working Really Hard, also the release cable doesn't work so it couldn't be closed. It illastrates how important it is to check and have a working Manuel Release Cable for Garage Door Opener. We replaced the old B&D Motor with a Superlift RDO04 Roller Door Motor

Centurion Garage Doors Replacement Motor Bertram Perth

Centurion Garage Doors Replacement Sectional Panel Motor Bertram Perth. We replaced this old motor with a new Belt Drive Superlift SDO05 Sectional Panel Garage Door Opener. The Centurion Garage Door opener seemed to had a fried Circuit Board.

Boss Garage Door motor Replacement Bertram Perth

This old Boss Garage Door Motor was loosing its force Limit Settings after power Outages. We tried Resetting it to no avail. So we replaced it with a Superlift SDO05

Garage Door Repairs Bibra Lake Perth

We repaired an old B&D Control A Door CAD4. The pulley wheel was very loud almost 100 Decibels,  average normal output is 60 Decibels