Roller Doors

At DOIC we well know roller doors are not all the same, it really does matter what brand door you Install. We want our customers to have the most reliable product available. So what makes a Great Roller Door Below you will find some good examples and some bad.

1 Coning, what is it? Basically the Roller Door rolls up crooked. What Problems occur while operating the Door? It jams in the Guides, this is especially evident with a motor driving the door, in many cases its the major cause of ‘Ballooning out'(while door is open press remote to operate, door jams in guides forcing curtain to unroll expanding the roll at the top). Manuel operation is not as bad but still has problems. Who is at fault? The effects result from a couple of Areas, perhaps the hardest to correct is from the manufacturer at the time of attaching the hubs to the Roll. Also the Installer can be the cause of the problem by a number of ways, one being axle positioning. How to fix? Most manufacturers believe the responsibility lies with the Installer, on the other hand the Installer will say the manufacturer is at fault. This results In a very frustrated consumer. In Truth we have found at times either to be at fault. What can you do? As a customer be selective of two things, who you contract to carry out the works and which Manufacturer they use. How likely are you to get this Problem? Good news is problem is rare but some manufacturers are particularly prone to this, mostly resulting from improper assembly methods, Installers usually cause the problem due to lack of experience in Installation.

There are many other problems such as; spring balance, seem tears, curtain sagging, etc. Each having varied effects.

What makes a Great Roller Door? Lets begin at the start, The Manufacturing Facility. Materials, Curtain Steel Quality, hub assembly, Spring Quality, Felt quality, the little things such as guide runners etc. Production, assembly procedures ensuring the curtain straight, the seems are rolled, the felt stapled in adequate position neither lose nor tight, and so on. Installation this is perhaps most Important as its not just about the installation but also ensuring the manufacturer has done a good Job.

We hope this information has helped you. Of course we would pleased to provide a ‘No Obligation, Free quote’.