Insulate Your Garage From The Elements

The flush interior, thermal properties and noise reduction offered by a quality Insulated Garage Door is what you need.

Convert a garage into another room adding value to your home functional usable space all year round.  No more cold garage in winter and as hot as an oven is summer, create a perfect environment for work or play.

All Insulated Garage Doors supplied and installed by DOIC are guaranteed to be top quality and a perfect fit for your space. Plus these doors are so well sealed they reduce drafts and dust too.

Whether you want to create a separate room for a hobby or a workspace to work comfortably in all year round, an Insulated Garage Door is what you need.

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Thermalift™ Insulated Garage Doors

Thermalift™ insulated garage doors are a top quality door and DOIC garage doors proudly stands by this product. What sets Thermalift apart from its competitors is how it engineers its door insulation, using no metal-on-metal contact from one side of the door to other. This reduces thermal transmission and improves its overall insulation value and energy efficiency.

Thermalift™ offers a range of finishes to ehance the overall appearance of the door and to suit all home types from modern to traditional.

Doors can be supplied and installed in the following designs