Looking for a special garage door? Something that's really going to set your home apart from the crowd ? ...... Then take a look at our range of custom made and designed garage doors.

Your garage door can be custom designed to suit any home, either modern or traditional to be a prominent eye catching feature. So if you’re building a new home or renovating an older home, a garage door from DOIC can be personalised to suit your home and personal style and may just add some value to your home too.

Many styles and materials to choose from, including natural timber to contempory flat panel designs. At DOIC we have a custom designed garage door to suit your budget.

Check out some of our designs below or get in touch for more details.

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The Royal

Single Side Feature Panel Design

The Royal is a modern design that suits a range of contemporary homes with the added feature of either a right-hand or left-hand vertical break.

The Royal can be customised to suit any combination of panel inserts while maintaining a stylish design.

The Sovereign

Multi Sectional Design

illustration of a sovereign style garage door

The classic lines of the Sovereign add character to most homes. As standard, this door design has four vertical sections, and the number of horizontal sections varies to suit the height of your

Garage opening with a range of materials colour options to choose from, the Sovereign design is highly customizable with many combinations of panel inserts available.

The Regent

Horizontal Panel Design

The Regent features long. Sleek horizontal panels with no vertical breaks. Creating a simple, long-line effect this design adds elegance and class to almost any style of home.

The Regent suits simple panel combinations, making the design of the door the key feature.

The Sultan

Double Feature Panel Design

The  Sultan design suits both classic and modern homes. As standard, this design features two vertical breaks on either side of the door, and the number of horizontal sections in designed to suits the height of your garage opening.

A popular Sultan panels sitting within the aluminum frame, making it easy to customize the combination of panel inserts from a range of materials and colour options.

The Baron

Mid-Split Design

The baron is a sleek and modern design that is well suited to contemporary homes.

This style of door features one vertical division through the mid-point of the door panels.

The most popular Baron style features composite panels fixed to the front of the frame, creating a smooth exterior finish.


Looking for something different for your home. At DOIC we can manufacture a completely custom garage door or gate to set you home apart in Perth, Western Australia.