Image of a garage door with extra height for an SUV/4x4

Another Garage Door with Extra Height for an SUV

We just did the impossible again (for other Garage Door Companies) enabled another customer to fit their 4wd with roof racks, under the garage door in Fremantle.

DOIC Garage Doors – Increase Your Garage Headroom

Our customers often contact us to discuss the options to increase the height of their garage door opening. The answer at DOIC is that in a lot of cases we can customise the garage door to create a larger opening to fit that SUV or 4wd. It’s a cost effective way to add that little extra to your home.

A Little Extra Room You Say?

No problem …

Increasing the height of your garage door will allow you that extra piece of mind and security enabling you to put your vehicle safely inside your garage. On top of that adding value to your home in the process.

No need to compromise on style as the full range of garage doors will remain available to choose from.

A Safe, Reliable Long Lasting Installation

We take our time on installation to ensure your sectional garage door will last a very long time. Its the little things that matters. But also we take care to use quality materials in our Garage Doors like metal hinges, extra wind braces and complete metal tracks.

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