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Australia's most advanced tracking system delivering the most height clearance for vehicles such as 4wd vans SUVs etc. Headroom loss 200mm (from the ceiling) is our standard system. With extreme fit headroom loss 140mm from the ceiling. 10 year warranty on doors. Servicing areas Yanchep to Mandurah.

Perth Windsor Doors

Doic Offers Eye-Catching Garage Door Installation that Make Your Home Attention Grabber in Perth

Doic Garage has been in the industry for a long time and doggedly engaged to serve prompt and professional service regarding Garage Door Installation Perth. Skilled and experienced technicians make easy to find the right one as per the size and space of your garage.
Being a distinguished company, we only supply the best doors by the reputed Garage Door Manufacturers Western Australia. We adhere to maintain the quality and supply only standard doors having a warranty.
Buying a garage door can be a daunting task since many things have to bear in mind. The new age market is flooded with a wide array of styles and materials and enough to make the one pretty much confused. We bring you out of this dilemma; you just need to make us call.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • Best Quality at the competitive prices
  • Hold immense experience
  • Dedicated team member and they do not smoke
  • Trained professionals install new garage door within stipulated time.
  • Whether you are looking for residential homes or commercial businesses, we cater for both.
We do not only install, but manufacture high-quality garage doors in Perth as well. Our technicians are fully trained and commit to serving you the best.
Garage Door Window Styles
There are many different styles and finishes. Please browse through some of our selection to get a better idea of what might suit your needs. We only supply doors from companies that manufacture the majority of their products in Australia, New Zealand, Germany or America. The products we supply are warranted and we are happy to stand behind them because we know that they are a quality product. If you don’t know what type of door you want it doesn’t matter, just give one of our sales consultants a call and we can help you decide.

Garage Door Styles

PROFILE - All Supplied With Woodgrain Embossing


Garage Door Window Styles

Oxford Range


Hapmton Range


Garage Door Styles

The Royal

Single Side Feature Panel Design

The Royal is a modern design that suits a range of contemporary homes with the added feature of either a right-hand or left-hand vertical break.

The Royal can be customised to suit any combination of panel inserts while maintaining a stylish design.

Garage doors in Perth

The Sovereign

Multi Sectional Design

The classic lines of the Sovereign add character to most homes. As standard, this door design has four vertical sections, and the number of horizontal sections varies to suit the height of your

Garage opening with a range of materials colour options to choose from, the Sovereign design is highly customizable with many combinations of panel inserts available.


The Regent

Horizontal Panel Design

The Regent features long. Sleek horizontal panels with no vertical breaks. Creating a simple, long-line effect this design adds elegance and class to almost any style of home.

The Regent suits simple panel combinations, making the design of the door the key feature.


The Caesar

Three Sectional Design

The Ceasar is a sharp, modern design well suited to all contemporary homes. Three even, vertical sections, with the number of horizontal sections designed to suit the height of your garage opening is the standard option.

While the Caesar design looks equality as impressive in all insert options, the most popular style features composite panels fixed to the outer frame, creating a smooth exterior finish.


The Sultan

Double Sided Feature Panel Design

The  Sultan design suits both classic and modern homes. As standard, this design features two vertical breaks on either side of the door, and the number of horizontal sections in designed to suits the height of your garage opening.

A popular Sultan panels sitting within the aluminum frame, making it easy to customize the combination of panel inserts from a range of materials and colour options.


The Baron

Single Mid-Split Design

The baron is a sleek and modern design that is well suited to contemporary homes.

This style of door features one vertical division through the mid-point of the door panels.

The most popular Baron style features composite panels fixed to the front of the frame, creating a smooth exterior finish.


Thermalift Insulated Doors



The flush interior, thermal properties and noise reduction enables you to convert a garage into another room adding value to your home.
Your garage is no longer cold in winter and no oven is summer creating a perfect environment for work or play. The doors are so well sealed it reduces drafts and dust.

Whether you create a separate room for a hobby or to work comfortably in your, Thermalift doors provide endless opportunities.

Garage door installation in Perth

Sectional Standard Range

Custom Made Sectional Doors

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